SINCE - 2017

Introducing Innovatus.

Our international drinks business owns an exciting portfolio of outstanding heritage brands and trademarks that we are rejuvenating back to market.

The range of premium brands we have acquired are steeped with history and tradition (some dating all of the way back to the 1820s) - authentic, familiar brands, each with a story to tell.

After the success of our first product, Horse Guards Gin, we are working through our portfolio, bringing each high-end brand back to life efficiently, effectively and in a way that resonates with consumers.

Our Wing Walker Rum was launched mid 2020, followed closely by our Horseguards Raspberry and Cranberry Pink Gin in September 2020.

Who we are

It is not only our brands that are steeped in history and are aged to perfection. The Innovatus management team and advisory board bring a wealth of experience with an amalgamation of work across business, hospitality, food and drink, law and more. Read our profiles here.

How we work

Innovatus Drinks is disrupting the way that multi-brand businesses work. We use an agile business model, allowing us to bring our brands to market within just 6 months. Despite the quick turnaround, we ensure a premium process is in place for our high-end brands.

Using our extensive experience as a core team, with critical support from our advisors and smart outsourcing wherever possible, we are able to provide all of the marketing support and respond quickly to consumer demands and market conditions. And we always ensure that the consumer comes first – every step of the way.

Whats next?

Innovatus Drinks has already built a prestigious UK customer base and is exporting to Abu Dhabi, France, Spain and Austria. We own the unique recipe for all our products. Now, we’re looking to expand.

With already 3 brands launched, in the next 12 months, we expect to bring 3 new brands to market (the first being our Ready to Drink range, followed by Craigsman Whisky, and Silver Kiss Mescal).

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Our Goals

See how we began and where we are planning to be within the next few years.

Watch Paul McCarthy describe the journey in detail

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