Gin, one of the ultimately pleasing spirits!

Crafted well, a great juniper-led gin can be consumed in so many ways to suit all palates. Whilst there is a lot of discussion on ‘what’s best’ and ‘which is the best way to drink gin’, we believe that you need to seek out the ideal combination for you personally (and have a lot of fun in the discovery process!)

1. Drinking it neat. The golden rule here is ensure it’s a premium gin, like Horse Guards London Dry. You just don’t get the complexity of the flavour in less well crafted gins. There is a wide range of botanicals used in distilling gin these days, you can experiment with various brands to decide on what you like. Horse Guards London dry contains angelica root, citrus peel (orange and grapefruit), cardamon and coriander. (Read more here). As you sip the gin, the botanicals will hit your nose before you taste them. Take time to enjoy the whole experience. If you want to add ice to make it an ‘on the rocks’, bear in mind that the cold can somewhat mask the complex flavours of the gin itself, making it harder for you to enjoy the true flavour and mouthfeel of it.

2. Good old gin and tonic. Simply mixing your gin with your favourite tonic, in quantities to suit the occasion! As with gin, there has been an explosion of options for you on the mixer front, with some fabulous high quality tonics available, as well as an array of flavoured mixers. Again it’s down to personal taste but ensure you don’t mask the botanicals of the gin itself by adding something too fruity or spicy which will overpower the gin itself.

3. Gin cocktails – where to start with this? Gin is a fantastic cocktail base, and so versatile in creating amazing drinks for any occasion. Here at Horse Guards London Dry Gin HQ, we offer a Cocktails at Home kit, with all your need to experiment with 5 different gin cocktails. From juices, to additional spirits, creams, spices and mixers, the options are limitless!