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  • This website is designed to provide a lively and interactive community for its users. We encourage all our users to interact with the website and to submit material of all kinds—known as ‘user material’ below. In order to ensure that this is done safely and lawfully we have established the rules set out below. For certain user material, eg as part of a competition, or where we are required by law to do so, separate and/or additional terms may apply in these Terms or as marked on the relevant part of the website.
  • Unless you and we agree otherwise, you will continue to own all the user material you submit. However, we may post your user material on the website, and on our partner websites, and we may also include it in other media services [including our television programming, print publications or advertising]. It will, therefore, become accessible and may be linked to or copied from across the public Internet as well as in those other media. Please do not submit anything to us that you would not like to be used in this way and note that we may not be able to prevent further use by third parties without permission.
  • By submitting your user material you grant to us all rights in your user material necessary to enable the distribution of your user material in this way, including to amend or adapt it where this is reasonably necessary for those purposes, without any further approval or consent from or payment to you or any other person, and you also promise that:
    • You have not copied from someone else or included other people’s material—Your user material must be original and you confirm that it has not been copied from elsewhere. Your user material must not feature copyright material taken from someone else or feature the trade mark, brand or name of someone else or which violates anyone’s legal rights including of privacy and/or publicity;
    • You have the permission of all the people making and appearing in it—You must have explained to everyone who made or is in your user content, especially photographs or video, and if they are under 18 to their parents or lawful guardians, how it may be used. They, and their parents or guardians, must have provided you with their specific consent;
    • Your user content is lawful and suitable for this website—You must not include anything in your user content which is inappropriate for a family audience and certainly anything which is of an adult-only nature including offensive, vulgar or obscene material and controversial or off-topic themes or content. It must not be defamatory or unlawful or include anything that would bring us into disrepute; and
    • You will not use the website in a manner that interferes with others—You must not nor attempt to interfere with or disrupt anyone else’s use or enjoyment of the website, eg you must not threaten or harass or impersonate others, or otherwise use the website in an anti-social, inappropriate or unlawful way.
  • We reserve the right to, but do not promise that we will, review your user content before it appears on the website. If we determine that your user content does not comply with these rules we reserve the right to, but do not promise that we will, stop it from being made available on the website or otherwise, and remove your user content, or links or any other means of access to your user content, from the website or otherwise at any time without notice to you.
  • Remember that you will remain responsible for your own user content and for what you do and say online. You should use the same care and consideration on the website as you do when communicating with others in any other public place. Please think before your submit!
  • IF YOU DO NOT COMPLY WITH THESE RULES YOU MAY BECOME LEGALLY LIABLE TO US OR TO THIRD PARTIES OR YOU MAY OTHERWISE BE ACTING UNLAWFULLY. If anything is not clear to you, or if you think that any other user content is in breach of these rules, please contact us at or write to us at Clyde House, Reform Road, Maidenhead SL6 8BY, UK.
  • You and the other persons appearing in your user content, and if they are under 18 their parents or lawful guardians, may be required to provide further written confirmation of your compliance with these rules in such form as we may reasonably request.