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Choosing the Perfect Gluten Free Gin Cocktails

With more and more people becoming painfully aware of an intolerance to gluten or Celiac disease, finding Gluten-Free products are becoming more and more critical to lead a normal and healthy life. Despite many liquors being distilled from gluten grains, with the right process and know-how you can enjoy your favourite gin cocktails without concern. Here is our guide to help you choose safe, high-quality gluten free gin brands.


Gluten is an umbrella term used to describe the proteins found in wheat, rye, and even some corn. As you may have guessed most liquors and other alcoholic drinks are made from these exact proteins or gluten. If you are gluten-free then beer would not be an option. 

Luckily, according to the Health and Food Administration and the National Institute of Health, all state that liquors that are distilled are gluten-free including gluten free gin brands. Even if you have no intolerance or illness that prevents gluten consumption, choosing alcohols that have been distilled also helps you avoid unwanted calories as well. Consider that beer, for example, has more than twice the amount of calories as gin. 

Other Health Benefits of Choosing Gluten Free Options

If you haven’t heard low-carb eating plans such as Keto (short for Ketogenesis) have made a BIG comeback. More and more research is pouring in about the dangers of sugars and simple carbohydrates. By choosing keto-friendly foods and beverages you don’t have to worry about making unhealthy choices or missing out on the fun. 

The top gluten-free drinks are vodka and gin (hello, Martini’s!) Here is just a few delicious and pretty drink and food options for your upcoming soiree. 

Sample Menu:


Barentsz Gin and Tonic with a twist of fresh lemon 

Smoked salmon and ricotta rolls

The florals in Barentsz gin pick up the citrus which is so refreshing with the richness of smoked salmon and ricotta. 


Gluten free Gin like Barentsz Gin also pairs well with spicy and smoky foods such as cheeses and cured meats, 

Main Course

Due to its beautiful floral and botanical notes pairing a gin cocktail with a main course like a rack of lamb with a coffee-rub creates a lovely harmony between the two. 


Barentsz offers two unique gluten free gins one with the floral Jasmine and another with bright Mandarin citrus. 

Here is a lovely dessert cocktail that can be paired easily with a rich chocolate cake with lavender notes or a floral and fruity homemade ice cream with citrus and lavender butter cookie. 

The Scarlet and Purple Cocktail

50 ml Gluten Free Gin 

15 ml Lillet Blanc

15ml lavendar syrup

20ml lime juice

50ml Lychee Juice

As you can see this cocktail is gluten free and offers many beautiful floral and fruity notes that can be played with accompany desserts. 

As mentioned above Gin is considered gluten free and safe for consumption because of its extensive distillation. Keep in mind that the better and more thorough the distilling process the less likely you are to having any reaction. Take Barentsz Gin for example, which distils its gin in very small batches. This both allows for the highest quality control as well as the unique smooth flavour that can be enjoyed straight or mixed. 


If you are throwing a fab get together and are not sure who is or isn’t gluten free consider creating a gluten-free table of cocktails and pairings for your guest’s enjoyment. This is especially relevant for Gala’s and other fundraising events where you want to be as inviting and inclusive as possible. You can find loads of beautiful Gin and other liquor cocktails as well as gluten-free caterers in your local area for support. 

Wrap Up 

Although being gluten free is a challenge, today more and more industries are becoming acutely aware of the importance of having everyone be able to eat well and healthily for their body. The beverage industry specifically has gone through great lengths to ensure that research proves their drinks are safe for consumption. Always check labels and ask questions. If your friends or clients are gluten-free don’t be afraid to throw a party. You can create sweet and savoury pairings with a gluten free Gin like Barentsz Gin easily and really wow your guests. Good luck!

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