Innovatus Drinks wholeheartedly supports responsible drinking.

How can you drink responsibly?

Aim to drink with a meal. Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach means alcohol is absorbed into your bloodstream quicker, so try to have a balanced and filling meal before you have your first drink, or enjoy a glass of wine with dinner.

Don’t drink and drive. If you’re organising a night out, make sure you have a designated driver or pre-book a taxi home. Know your legal alcohol limit.

Stick to one type of drink and alternate with soft drinks. Mixing drinks makes it harder to keep track of how many units you’re consuming, so it’s likely you’ll end up consuming more. A good tactic is to alternate alcoholic drinks with water or low-sugar soft drinks.

Know your limits. When you’re planning a night out, it’s a great idea to choose a limit for yourself and make a mental note to stick to it during the evening. Choosing to buy your own drinks instead of participating in rounds can help you stay on track.