Choosing the Perfect Gluten Free Cocktails with Barentsz Gin

Choosing the Perfect Gluten Free Gin Cocktails

With more and more people becoming painfully aware of an intolerance to gluten or Celiac disease, finding Gluten-Free products are becoming more and more critical to lead a normal and healthy life. Despite many liquors being distilled from gluten grains, with the right process and know-how you can enjoy your favourite gin cocktails without concern. 
Spring Gin Cocktails Horse Guards London Dry Gin Ltd

10 Spring Gin Cocktails

Spring is a magical time. The sun finally begins to warm us up and all the birds and flowers seem to wake up from their winter slumber. Chilly nights continue until summer but daytime still gives way to luxurious strolls and cocktail get-togethers. If you are looking for some lovely gin cocktails for Spring, keep reading.
Is a gin cocktail good to serve at a wedding?

Is a gin cocktail good to serve at a wedding?

Yes. Gin cocktails not only work well at weddings but Gin has become a growing trend for every celebration. The best gin cocktails for weddings tend to feature the theme or colour palette of your event. 
How to make a French 75 Cocktail

How to make a French 75 Gin Cocktail

If you're looking for a cocktail with a bit of history, class, and a little bit of kick, look no further than the French 75. This classic drink is said to have been created during World War I, and it remains a beloved cocktail today. Click the image for more!
Our brands at The Monkey Brewhouse

Pouring rum at The Monkey Brewhouse

We are thrilled to announce that we are now the pouring spiced rum at the fabulous Monkey Brewhouse in Lymington.  It is a must-visit destination when you are next on the South Coast. Will brews his own craft beers on site, and they sell some fabulous gins behind the bar too ;-)
How to Drink Gin

How to Drink Gin

Crafted well, a great juniper-led gin can be consumed in so many ways to suit all palates. Whilst there is a lot of discussion on ‘what’s best’ and ‘which is the best way to drink gin’, we believe that you need to seek out the ideal combination for you personally (and have a lot of fun in the discovery process!)
Innovatus Drinks announces Partnership with Hanlons Brewery

Partnership with Hanlons Brewery

Innovatus Drinks, the brand behind Horse Guards Gin and Wing Walker Rum, today announced a strategic partnership agreement with Hanlons Brewery, which sees Hanlons become the exclusive distributor of Innovatus products in the UK’s South-West region. Click the image for more!
What is Gin?

What is Gin?

Crafted by many and consumed by many more! But what makes gin such an exceptional and versatile spirit? The key to gin is juniper, a small, berry-like botanical. In fact, a spirit can’t be called gin unless it has juniper in it. Click the image for more!