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Is a gin cocktail good to serve at a wedding?

Here at Innovatus HQ, we say yes indeed! Gin cocktails not only work well at weddings but Gin has become a growing trend for every celebration. The best gin cocktails for weddings tend to feature the theme or colour palette of your event. A hibiscus gin sour looks lovely at a summer wedding featuring Barentsz Jasmine Gin and dried hibiscus for a beautiful pink colour as well as fragrant floral notes. You can serve it alongside an Italian Greyhound with Aperol and Fresh Grapefruit Juice this is sure to make your wedding a hit. For autumn or winter weddings “51 shades” make a beautiful offering. This elegant gin cocktail features Willem Barentsz Jasmine Gin, honey-lavender syrup, lemon juice, Violette liqueur, prosecco, egg white, and teapot bitters. Lavender makes a lovely garnish and complement to the botanicals in our Handcrafted Gin.