No 1

The Original
Horseguards London Dry Gin®

Refined, elegant and quintessentially British, Horse Guards London Dry Gin has been crafted with precision and perseverance by our master distillers. Our gin boasts a predominant juniper flavour, expertly balanced with juicy citrus notes and just a hint of spice. Smooth, with a long finish, it’s perfect in a gin and tonic, as well as more exotic cocktails. This, quite simply, is gin as it's meant to be.

No 2

Master blend
Wing Walker Rum®

Wing Walker is a premium rum from the Caribbean coasts of Venezuela and Dominica, distilled in copper pot stills and aged in vintage oak barrels. An exceptionally smooth and silky rum which can be enjoyed on its own. Add ice and the flavours open and the incredible character bursts into life, bringing the warmth of the Caribbean to your glass.

No 3

Exclusive blend
Horse Guards Pink Gin®

Horse Guards Raspberry and Cranberry Pink is a premium gin which combines the natural sweetness of raspberries with the subtle tang of cranberries, bringing a sweet aroma to complement the authentic berry flavour.

No 4

Exclusive blend
Craigsman Whisky®

Single malt scotch whisky matured in ex-Bourbon barrels to give its distinct rich flavour.

No 5

Original recipe
Corazon Asado Mezcal®

Original Mescal from Mexico made form the finest ingredients and made in a traditional method
No 6

Original recipe
Glen Regal®

Single malt Scotch whisky is one of the most revered spirits in the world. It has such scope for variation, it can offer complexity or simplicity, unbridled power or a subtle whisper.
No 7

Unique flavour
Cuban Smoke Rum®

Produced from Genus Saccharum officinarum, the giant grass that’s better known as sugar cane. The plant takes between ten months and two years to reach sufficient maturity to harvest and extract its sugars.

No 8

Smooth taste
Blue's Whisky®

Blended whisky is Scotland’s best-selling libation. A blended Scotch is an amalgam of both malt and grain whisky.